Our Main Objectives

– Improve knowledge, raise awareness and help change attitudes on Honour Related Violence (HRV) against women, ranging from forced marriage to so called “honour crimes”.
– Promote skills of social workers and law enforcement personnel regarding the detection, assessment and reporting/addressing HRV against women thus combat and prevent HRV practices.
– Provide specific policy recommendations at national and EU level, thus engaging public authorities and policy makers with the aim of enhancing and upgrading anti-HRV policies.

– Promote awareness raising through the direct participation of relevant communities and stakeholders, incorporating direct participation of those communities, with a focus on engaging men (indicatively, White Ribbon UK is a partner), as well as community and religious leaders and/or victims from practicing communities(also see Associate partners).
– Encourage mutual learning and exchange of good practices between professionals and/ororganizations, including public authorities, on the combat and prevention of HRV practices.

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