Second training on Honour Related Violence in Rome

Last November 18th 2017, the second session of the training on Honour related Violence was held in Rome, at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology.

Trainees were 15 psychologists (13 women and 2 men); some of them had attended the international conference held last September 18th and had previously exchanged with the project staff witnessing high expectations; others had not attended the conference, but their professional activities related to centres against violence and the networked information brought them to the training.

As in the first session, the work started with a test on initial understanding of the phenomenon and used a video (“La sposa bambina”, italian version of the movie “Ana Nojoom bent alasherah wamotalagah”) as emotional trigger on which develop categories for understanding HRV and competences on “how to do”. Presentations proposed the main results of the WS1 (analysis of the phenomenon) and applied the training tools prepared by the project staff. Case studies were used for promoting the analysis of dynamics typical of HRV; in particular, the Saleem case happened in Italy and the Chafia case happened in Canada. Case studies were used for proposing the risk assessment practices and tools and for understanding the need for organising territorial integrated interventions.

The debate dealt with recent cases happened to the participants; the work used a group approach in order to analyse and understand the cases and to elaborate on possible actions for interrupting the violence circle and to put women out of risks.

At the end of the training the trained professionals received the “Certificate” of “Ambassador of Honour”.

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