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Honour related violence (HRV) is a collection of practices which are used to control behaviour and exert power within families to protect perceived cultural and religious beliefs and/or honour. Such violence can occur when perpetrators consider that an individual, usually a woman, has shamed the family and/or community by breaking their honour code. The individual is being punished for actually or allegedly undermining what the family or community believes to be the correct code of behaviour.

Honour based violence is a fundamental abuse of Human Rights. There is no honour in the carrying out or commissioning of murder, kidnap and the many other acts, behaviour and conduct which make up violence in the name of honour.

Honour related violence can take place across national and international boundaries, within extended families and communities and often cuts across cultures, communities and faith groups; including Turkish, Kurdish, Afghani, South Asian, African, Middle Eastern and European.

This is not an exhaustive list. The term is used to describe violence, which sometimes results in a murder, in the name of so-called honour…

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PROJECT Highlights

HASP project was widely presented -during the primary data collection and analysis phase of the project (August 2016)- on TV1 channel in the news’ section.
TV1 is the major public channel in Spain. This dissemination activity was organized by Valencia City Council-Local Police (PLV), Spain.

TVE 1, the main TV channel in Spain, gives voice to the HASP project

TVE 1, the main TV channel in Spain, echoed in November 2017 the first round of trainings of the HASP project organized by the València Local Police. This is the second time that this important Spanish TV channel gives voice to the HASP project’s activities. This dissemination activity was organized by Valencia City Council-Local Police (PLV), Spain.


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